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Bar Soap Machines

The standard Small Soap Making Line, is composed by the Mixers, able to  mix soap noodles with perfume and colors per batch, the Plodders/Extruders to refine and extrude the soap bar, and the Soap Presses.

The SOAP NOODLES, perfume and colors are mixed inside the Soap Mixer for a variable time from 5 to 10 minutes, depending from the coloring intensity. After the mixing, the soap base is ready to be refined and extruded by means of the Soap Extruder (also called Soap Plodder); the extruded long soap bar is cut by hand, then the cut soap bars are ready to be stamped using one of our Soap Presses.

We can studied customized solutions as per Customers requests also.

Soap Making Procedure

If your material is soap noodles, the machine can produce bar soap directly.
If your material is oil & fat, first using saponification plant to make soap noodles, and then using the machine to produce bar soap.

Soap Line Details