Why is a small soap line suitable for home production?

There are several reasons why small soap lines are suitable for home production. First of all, compared with large industrial production lines, small soap lines have lower investment costs. This means households can more easily afford the costs required to set up and operate such a production line.

Second, small soap lines are generally more flexible and can be adjusted and changed as needed. This is very important for home production as they may need to make different types or specifications of soap based on market demand or personal preference.

Additionally, small soap lines are generally easier to operate and maintain than larger production lines. Home producers may not have a professional technical team to manage the equipment, so a simple and easy-to-use production line is more attractive to them.

To sum up, small soap lines are suitable for home production because they have lower investment costs, higher flexibility and ease of operation, which makes it easier for families to start producing soap and operate it in a home environment.