Types Of Toilet Soap

Types Of Toilet Soap

At present, the toilet soaps on the market can be roughly divided into the following seven categories: general soap, finely ground soap, floating soap, oil-based soap, transparent soap, a special form of soap, and essential oil soap.

Can I Still Use The Expired Toilet Soap

Can I Still Use The Expired Toilet Soap?

After the toilet soap has expired, it cannot be used. After the soap has expired, the sterilizing and decontaminating substances in it have been decomposed, losing its own effect, and may also breed harmful bacteria, which may have a negative impact on human skin after use.

What Is The Difference Between Laundry Soap AndToilet Soap

What Is The Difference Between Laundry, Toilet And Medicated Soap

The production of laundry soap is a variety of common animal and vegetable oils, and generally does not need to undergo complex refining treatment. The production of toilet soap is made of palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, etc. Before making toilet soaps, we need to refine oils. For laundry soap, the cost is lower than that of toilet soap. Medicated soap adds various drugs with different functions to the soap base.